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Sunday, July 17, 2011



by Beverly Birch
Egmont, 2006
ISBN 9781405215893
285 pages

3 (out of 5) STARS

Plot Summary

In a vast African landscape, four teenagers and a journalist vanish without a trace from a camp below a steep rock ridge. As Ella, the sister of one of the missing girls, helps Inspector Murothi piece together what happened, she realizes there are terrifying possibilities for her sister and the four others. There has been sinister behavior and bullying in the camp where the missing were staying. Has there been foul play? Then one of the missing turns up—but with no memory of what has happened. As the search helicopters continue their constant hum over the rock ridge, Ella and the inspector begin to wonder whether they are already too late.


Critical Evaluation

This book moved very slowly. The mystery part was interesting. Four students and one journalist went missing. And at the beginning there are no clues as to where they would have gone. Some of the other members of the camp are a bit sinister and distract the reader but nothing else really happens in the book. Overall, I still enjoyed the book because I don't mind a slow read but it was not what I expected.

Reader’s Annotation

Four teenagers and a journalist disappear from camp in the vast African landscape.

Information about the author

"Beverley Birch is a published author and a narrator of children's books and young adult books. Some of the published credits of Beverley Birch include Rift, Shakespeare's Tales: The Tempest (Shakespeare's Tales), Julius Caesar (Shakespeare's Tales)." http://www.jacketflap.com/beverley-birch/16432



Curriculum Ties


Booktalking Ideas

*Four students and one journalist have disappeared without a trace from your camp in the unknown African landscape. What can you do?

Reading Level

ages 12 and up

Challenge Issues


Why Included?

This book had appeal because it was a mystery set in Africa.

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