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Tuesday, April 10, 2012



by Chika Shiomi
Viz Media, 2009
ISBN 9781421527505
192 pages

3 (out of 5) STARS

Plot Summary

Rasetsu Hyuga works for an exorcist agency where she uses her special powers to banish evil spirits. There's a story behind the red flower mark on her chest though — it's a momento left by a powerful spirit who vowed to claim her on her 20th birthday. Unless Rasetsu can find true love by then, she is fated to become his.

Yako Hoshino, a young man with spiritual powers of his own, comes to the agency seeking help with a possessed book. He's seen a lot of strange phenomena in his day, but the last thing he expects to see is Rasetsu bearing a striking resemblance to his old love Yurura! (www.goodreads.com)


This manga is a bit different from the other Josei mangas I have read thus far, in that the main characters work for an exorcist agency.  The majority of the Josei mangas I have read have been set in school settings.  This book brought a pleasant change of scene.  Although the main characters are ghost chasers, the actual focus of the book is more on the life of Rasetsu and the possible romance which I am guessing will be expounded upon the sequels.  So the actual focus is more in line with Josei manga.  This book does have a nice twist where a ghost has claimed Rasetsu for his own if she does not find her true love by age twenty.    

The artwork is typical manga artwork which I find to be very pleasing.  It is done in black and white.  When the characters are working with the ghosts the artwork is darker with more gray shading.    

Overall, I enjoyed this book though I do not believe is has any characteristics that make it stand out any more than an average manga book.  I am not terribly interested in pursuing the remaining sequels, though I imagine other Josei manga fans would be intrigued by the unusual setting and the ghost lover.


AnimeNewsNetwork and Graphic Novel Reporter both have reviews of Rasetsu, vol 1.

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